i believe in magic

I do. I believe in it. In the art of our lives. When we speak to ourselves first thing in the bright rushing morning. The magic of belief. The kind found in the ordinary ingredients of a day + lifetime. The kind found in our working hands + our tired feet at night. The way air can carry the scent of change. I believe in magic. How to know a moment. I witnessed it here. It is amongst us. Everyday. Can you see it?

may we

May we experience the freshness of the morning + smell the wet dry earth.

May we lean our ears down to the the earth + listen to its murmur.

May we feel the ground beneath our feet and the wind kiss our face.

May we taste the salt of the earth on our tongues.

May we acknowledge the shapes, colours + lines that surround us.

May we never forget these fleeting moments.

* Images taken on our most recent family break at mountainous Indies Run, in Wandiligong. A dog friendly property with hospitable sheep, a creek to catch fish in, an hours drive from the snow + walking distance to the local, what is there not to love about this place? X

precious + fleeting

Sometimes, I use words the way I often use my camera, imprecisely. I do this because I can’t always find the right words. Sometimes, I do not blog as often as I should. I do this because I can’t always find the time.

A recent double session - maternity + newborn, where time played an important part. Her body was growing another. Gloriously captivating + miraculous. It was a precious + fleeting time. But it was captured + I made the time to blog it.

straight from the heart

If I woke up tomorrow and everything I owned was gone. I would stilI have four very good reasons to be grateful. My main muse is motherhood. Connection and emotion are two things that spark my passion and ignite that fire. So, I had the rare opportunity to grab my BIG camera + photograph the kids last week. Oscar 11, Charlie 9 , Noah 7 + Molly 5. Life is mostly bananas around here + we had no after school activities or play dates. So I pounced. Like a woman possessed. Chuck in a sprinkling of soft * pre stormy light * Half naked, dirty + mostly covered in detergent little bodies. It was haaaarrrrdd work. It was BRIBE city central. THEY WOULD NOT BREAK ME - I chanted to myself! There were tears, fights, fits of giggles, cuddles + toilet talk. I even turned a blind eye to their small secrets of banter + mischief. BECAUSE I was on a mission. I know my influence will fade and their world, their bonds, will last longer than anything that I could ever hope to give them. My job is to foster this + take god damn photo’s to capture it!!! It almost felt like I was shooting clients, I was faced with the dilemma of feeling like I had to deliver what was expected. BUT . . . every once in a while though, you find the opportunity to shoot straight from your heart. I did. It is my JAM. I captured reality. I hope they remember. I hope I do. I wouldn’t have it any other way X


Sometimes we meet the most unexpected friends, in the most unexpected places.  Photography has always had a way of bringing people + our four legged friends together . . .

shining with love

Shining with love + photographed since 2010 ( I think ) or close to.  I have witnessed these 4 little beauties grow into the most cool little human beings.  They are always a pleasure + they always end up in water.  Every. Single. Time. Because childhood X

puddle for life

Fresh foggy newborn magic!  Is there anything better?...Oh baby Stevie - you may have made your Mumma a puddle for life.  I am feeling blessed + grateful to be given the opportunity to document your love from the very beginning.  It just felt like yesterday when your journey began for you two love bugs.  BIG hugs X


With every minute we make count, I try and make every frame + experience count.  I have shifted my focus on what speaks to me and that is embracing the good, with the bad.  This was one of those times.....admittedly I had to re shoot twice. The weather was off during our first attempt + perhaps my focus was a little off too.  BUT I am ok with that.  I have found that since approaching my work with the value of being vulnerable - I've just not met many more clients, but life - long friends.  But mostly it is the opportunity I often get - to rub shoulders with the most beautiful people through my work.  Our conversation + connection goes so much deeper than photography + those occasional off days.

last days of summer

And it literally was....I managed to capture this gorgeous gang in their happy place.  Almost all my family sessions happen around the water.  We have such a connection with it - creeks, ponds, lakes + oceans.  So this happened on this very last warm day we had on the beach.   Only 170 more days until summer.  Yep.

beauty + chaos

If direction was given, the authenticity is gone....AND when there is beauty + chaos....magic unfolds.  A bunch of my favourites from this recent session X


Life is all about the people you meet + laughter.  Laughter is beautiful, vulnerable, lovely, wild + utterly free.  Full fledge belly laughs that cannot be contained.  Are the best.  To people, laughter + the beautiful nooks + crannies of our lives X

beauty of joy

I met this family...fours years ago, when Elle had three.  I had three.  We talked about four.  Now Elle has four.  I have four.  We have stopped now.  But this time every year, we hook up. The beauty of joy is as unique and inimitable as a fingerprint.  I capture that + also the things that get a little out of order.  These are always the happiest moments though.  When we have no rules and no schedules.  Just love, the air, sun + each other.

*It is always an honour for me to photograph this sweet tribe* 


When it doesn't even feel like there could have been a before...

She has taught one of our son's + we call her Little Miss Sunshine because...