She is a special human.  There is definitely something special about Ann-Marie AND I am still NOT convinced....that she is actually entirely human?  

As I walked through a busy Brisbane Airport, I was searching for Ann-Marie (because we had actually never really met).  I had driven from the Sunshine Coast and Ann-Marie had just arrived from Adelaide - with 4 week old baby Wynter, clutched tightly in her arms.  I  must admit, we were a little bit weepy at first glance.  Once we worked through that, we hit the road to Byron Bay.  As they tend to do, things fell right into their perfectly off-beat place.  ONE HUNDRED + SIXTY EIGHT km's later, we had arrived to our photography workshop location.  We talked a lot on the road. *A lot*  But mostly, we talked about mothering our FOUR children - the losses, the break downs, the break throughs, the hustle, the sweat, the tears and plus more.  AND Obviously, Wynter is Ann-Marie's fourth and was our youngest and most adorable workshop attendee.  

The workshop we attended  - along with 16 other incredible, just incredible talented women -  was amazing and intense, inspiring and refreshing.  I learnt a lot, you know some more technical stuff, light, content and connection.  As we workshopped, Ann-Marie would be quietly tucked away at the back of the room feeding. Thank you for letting me share these Ann-Marie.  I love how we met and how our special little friendship we now share x