straight from the heart

If I woke up tomorrow and everything I owned was gone. I would stilI have four very good reasons to be grateful. My main muse is motherhood. Connection and emotion are two things that spark my passion and ignite that fire. So, I had the rare opportunity to grab my BIG camera + photograph the kids last week. Oscar 11, Charlie 9 , Noah 7 + Molly 5. Life is mostly bananas around here + we had no after school activities or play dates. So I pounced. Like a woman possessed. Chuck in a sprinkling of soft * pre stormy light * Half naked, dirty + mostly covered in detergent little bodies. It was haaaarrrrdd work. It was BRIBE city central. THEY WOULD NOT BREAK ME - I chanted to myself! There were tears, fights, fits of giggles, cuddles + toilet talk. I even turned a blind eye to their small secrets of banter + mischief. BECAUSE I was on a mission. I know my influence will fade and their world, their bonds, will last longer than anything that I could ever hope to give them. My job is to foster this + take god damn photo’s to capture it!!! It almost felt like I was shooting clients, I was faced with the dilemma of feeling like I had to deliver what was expected. BUT . . . every once in a while though, you find the opportunity to shoot straight from your heart. I did. It is my JAM. I captured reality. I hope they remember. I hope I do. I wouldn’t have it any other way X